“Something in John’s book got me thinking…”

Kimberly Graver, CEO & Founder of e-Transform published an article today called, “Whatever Happened to Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service?” She had just read The Extra Scoop and had this to say:

Something in John’s book got me thinking, and I want to write about that today. Right off the bat, John poses a tough question – “Whatever Happened to Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service?” There is a particular paragraph that I want to highlight, as I believe it is the key problem we see in all companies that fail to provide good customer service.

John writes: “the reality is you can’t care about Customer Service part of the time to be good at it. You can’t have only half of the people in the company interested in providing it. You can’t be focused solely on net profit or sales quota or widgets produced per hour. Customer Service must be an obsession; not sometimes, not most of the time, but a true obsession. It must preoccupy every mind and intrude upon every facet of your business. It should be ingrained in the Company DNA.”

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