Book Signing in Alpharetta – May 22

You’re all invited to my book signing May 22 in Alpharetta. My new book, The Extra Scoop: Rediscover the Art of Great Customer Service was released in April, and is an important read for anyone running a small business. You can gain a competitive edge and increase profitability, just by delivering better customer service. In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to create a memorable customer service experience in any industry
  • How to spin miss opportunities into wins that keep customers coming back
  • How to own up to a service failure when your business drops the ball
  • How having employees that act like owners improves customer satisfaction

Bad customer service has been making headlines lately. We all saw the United Airlines passenger dragged off the airplane, and ending up with a bloody face. That’s one of the worst possible examples of how to treat a paying customer. The CEO did not handle it well and dug a deeper public relations hole for the airline. The United Airlines story went viral, and heightened the awareness of how companies treat their customers. Following that story, more horrible customer service stories started circulating. That’s the last thing you want to happen to your industry and your business.

While it’s unlikely your business would ever treat a customer like United Airlines did, it’s very likely that you unintentionally do small things that put off a customer, causing them to never come back. Wouldn’t you like to avoid that?

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