Rediscover the Art of Great Customer Service

This new book by mPowered IT CEO, John Mamon, will have you taking a new look at the value of great customer service. It will help you explore your own company’s customer service, and see it from the customers’ perspective. In this book, you will learn:

  • How to create a memorable customer service experience in any industry

  • How to spin missed opportunities into wins that keep customers coming back

  • How to own up to a service failure when your business drops the ball

  • How having employees that act like owners improves customer satisfaction

Early in my career, an account manager illustrated great customer service to me with this analogy:

Let’s say you go to an ice cream stand and they’re friendly, seem happy to to serve you, and make you feel valued. Then, they do something you didn’t even ask for or expect – they give you an extra scoop!

Where would you go for ice cream next time? Why would you go anywhere else?

THE EXTRA SCOOP – Motivational Speaking and Employee Training on Customer Service

As a leader in the IT service industry, John Mamon lives and breathes The Extra Scoop concept. It’s fully ingrained in his business model. Beyond delivering positive customer interactions, his very profitability is tied to ensuring his customers experience as few computer issues as possible. Mamon has honed the art of customer service into a well-thought-out, understandable process that anyone can master.


To contact John Mamon or request a speaking engagement or employee training, email or call 678-962-7224.

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“It’s the Book of the Year for me!”

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“Something in John’s book got me thinking…”

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